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Heated Bedding Tips

IMPORTANT TIPS for Heated Beds

  • Heated mats may feel cool to the touch until after the dog's weight is on the mat for a short while.  
  • To check that a mat is working, place a pillow on the mat for 15 minutes then check under the pillow to see if the mat is warm. 
  • Don't forget to remove the pillow.
  • Heating performance can be decreased by placing pad on a cold tile floor, or enhanced by placing newspapers, mat, or padding under the pad. Some mats can have adjustable heat settings.
  • Additional covers on top of the mat are not recommended. They will affect the heating performance. A thick cover can block the heat transfer and cause the mat to OVERHEAT. This does not apply to lightweight covers of the type the manufacturer has supplied.
  • Pads should always sit FLAT on the floor. The heating element should not be curved or bent.  The Warm-a-Pet flexible mat can be curved slightly and is suitable for trampoline style beds.
  • Do not place heavy objects on the mat as this can cause hot-spots and overheating.
  • From time to time check that the electric heating element pad is flat and free of wrinkles, as these can damage the unit.
  • NEVER pull the mat by the electrical cord. 

HANDY HINT:  Measure the mat/pad size on your floor to see how big the area will be.. Your dog's legs can be off the mat, but should still be supported for his comfort.