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This category I would like to share the best information I have found in relation to achieving lasting good health. 

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HOW TO DO THE PULSE TEST to check for allergies as described by
by Dr Arthur F. Coca - CLICK HERE for the full FREE information. 

We all react differently to the things we encounter in life, so on the journey to discovering your individual way to feeling wonderfully healthy, it is most helpful to keep a PERSONAL FOOD & FEELINGS diary.

In this you record everything you ate, things you did, and how you felt. This will give you valuable insights into what you should avoid and also the positive things that go such a long way towards being as healthy as possible. For example: about an hour after eating you should feel re-energized - not sleepy, grumpy, etc.!

Yes, it is really a "drag" to keep the diary, but it is the absolute BEST way (and cheapest) we have ever found to find the cause of many health problems.

Everyone is allergic to something. "What is one man's meat, is another man's poison." It may be so subtle that you don't notice it until 20, 30 or 40 years later you realize that something is wrong.

We can be allergic to the most common products that are consumed daily and are touted as being "healthy" for us, or the things we come into contact with, or even things we do daily.

This includes the usual suspects such as gluten, dairy, nightshades, sugar, soy, corn, onion, etc. But it also can include less common ones lettuce, cucumber, oranges, chocolate (ouch!), and some nuts and fruits. Not to mention chemicals, food additives, GE foodstuffs, radiation and poisons used in gardening, contaminating the water supply and air, etc.

Then there are thoughts, emotions and exercise. Yes, too much exercise can cause stress and inflammation in your body. Your thoughts and emotions influence your immune system and DNA. That's why it is so important to surround yourself with people you love (and who love you) and seek to have as much laughter in your life as possible.

While some might feel somewhat overwhelmed, cheer up and remember your body is infinitely amazing in dealing with most problems (not all!) if you know "how to" help it do so.

One of the surprising ones for me (revealed by my diary) was my extreme sensitivity to EMF's. Totally unexpected and I wouldn't ordinarily have even thought of that as a cause! Indeed I didn't even know EMFs existed! Nor did any of my doctors or specialists have any idea about EMFs!

EMFs from Wi-Fi phones and computers would send my blood pressure into heart attack territory - eg. 217/115 with a pulse of 145 .... this taken whilst RESTING!  Yet, when I was outside gardening (earthing) my BP was normal 125/80 or thereabouts. So my little diary solved the problem that no doctor or drugs had resolved after years of trying. 

I should add that the solution was simply to revert to corded phones and computers. For those who absolutely need mobile phones there are now mobile phone covers and a range of other products available to help minimize the effects of EMF radiation. In the meantime try to stay a metre away from the source and don't carry them in pockets or tucked into your bra.

But EMFs are not the only thing that can elevate blood pressure. So can foods to which you are allergic or sensitive, other allergens, and negative emotions and thoughts.

You can have expensive allergy tests done, but we learn that blood tests are not accurate. (Cyrex Laboratories are the best for testing and are planning to come to Australia, but not here yet.) Other types of testing can be done by hair analysis, Vega testing from a well trained Naturopath, or energy testing from a really good Kiniesologist.

However you can also just think back and remember what foods caused problems throughout your life and start with those. Foods you disliked and avoided as a child, can be an indication of an allergy. But not always, as sometimes the allergen food is craved. In general cravings or loathings suggest it would be wise to stay away from those foods. Foods with neutral reactions are best.

There is also the PULSE TEST method to determine food sensitivites as described in detail by Dr Arthur F. Coca - CLICK HERE for the full FREE information. You can do this yourself at home keeping a record as he suggests. 

Or just Google his name to find the free directions - taking pulse about 30, 60 & 90 minutes after a meal. Plus morning and evenings and seeing the variations. Normal resting pulse is 72-74 beats per minute. A reading of 85  or more indicates an allergic response. 

So - it would seem much more practical (and cheaper) to simply do the pulse test and keep a food/feelings diary.

No-one remembers what they ate daily last week or last month, nor how they felt an hour, much less two weeks after eating something! Some reactions can take from minutes up to 2+ weeks! With the diary you can look back to see if there is a pattern ... even if you miss or forget to keep the record daily, at least you will have SOME record and a way of sorting things out.

A good suggestions is an exercise book divided into two columns. Using a biro with the 4 colours to colour code the entries. Doing it this way is not necessary, but it makes it easier to check back for similar feelings and see if there is any link to any foods consumed.

In the FIRST COLUMN: I write the food consumed in the FIRST COLOUR, then any supplements, drugs or therapies in the SECOND COLOUR.

Then in the SECOND COLUMN: In the THIRD COLOUR Irecord any changes to how I feel - eg. energized, lethargic, headaches, cranky, calm, or anything else. Then in the FOURTH COLOUR I write those things which I suspect to be a problem.

For full details go to 
http://soilandhealth.org/wp-content/uploads/02/0201hyglibcat/020108.coca.pdf  for a FREE dowload of THE PULSE TEST by Arthur F. Coco, MD (1956) 







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