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Free Food & Medicine

When friends recommended this DVD set, we sat mesmerized by the fabulous information it contained.

Not only did we discover that those horrible weeds in our garden were actually edible, we discovered the some of them were actually sold as vegetables in Germany!

This book (a "must have" in my opinon) by Markus Rothkranz on how to identify common wild herbs (known to most of us as "weeds") is brilliant. It is one of the BEST you could wish for both in content (information and beautiful photos) so you can identify edible foods anywhere in the world. It even has a section on which wild weeds are TOXIC - VITALLY IMPORTANT! As Markus says it is a handy size to put in your rucksack, and unlike i-phones and tablets, it doesn't break when dropped, and the information doesn't rely on transmitter towers so you can read it anywhere in the world at anytime!

Garry Tibbo explains wild edible foods in a manner you will want to watch over and over again as well as sharing with your family and friends. You will never view weeds in the same way again, after watching these DVDs.

Not only that, you will find out how delicious they are! One tastes like lemon delicious, another like cucumber, another like chocolate! What more could you want? And they are incredibly nutritious as well!

All this free food growing in your own backyard - no "gardening" skills required!

Once you discover this information you will NEVER fear going hungry again even if you have zero cash. This food is growing for free all over the world!

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