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Dog Rocks - SPECIAL

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Product Description

Is your dog's pee ruining your lawn?

PROBLEM: Do you have unsightly yellow patches on your lawn wherever your dog urinates?

SOLUTION: There are many products designed to keep your dog OFF the lawn, but Dog Rocks allows your dog to solve the problem for you.

Dog Rocks are an all Australian natural product to stop those nasty burn patches appearing on your lawn where your dog has urinated.

Dog Rocks will start improving your lawn within about 5 weeks.

Simply place the rocks in your pet's drinking water and replace every 2 months.

Made from naturally occurring paramagnetic igneous rock which is known to increase boron, barium, manganese and strontium while decreasing tin levels in water.

Being a natural products, Dog Rocks may vary in size and properties.

There are no known harmful effects on dogs through the use of Dog Rocks where the "Directions for Use" are followed.

Dog Rocks are only intended for the use as stated.

PS... I've tried them and they really do work!

Q. My dog keeps taking the Dog Rocks out of the water bowl, what can I do?
A. We have found some dogs are fussy about their water bowls - try changing the bowl or just be persistent and put the Dog Rocks back in.

Q. My dog and cat share the same water bowl. Is this "OK"?
A. Yes, Dog Rocks can be used by cats. Unfortunately there are no benefits to the cat's urine - it makes no difference to the smell!

Q. Will my dead lawn come back to life by using Dog Rocks?
A. Dog Rocks are used to help prevent those nasty burn patches. It cannot bring back dead lawn. But lawn can regrow, or dead patches can be reseeded.

Q. If Dog Rocks are good for the lawn, are they harming my dog's health?
A. Dog Rocks do not change the pH balance of dog's urine so they should not harm your dog. However, please make sure you follow the "Directions for Use."

Q. My dog drinks from the swimming pool and pond, can we use Dog Rocks?
A. You can, but the results will be diluted. Best results are achieved by stopping your dog from drinking from other water sources.


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