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Dog Hats

dh403-640x488-small.jpgDesigned for your dog's comfort, these dog hats are ideal for sun protection and attract LOTS of love and attention! 
Dog hats are recommended by vets to help protect eyes from sun damage and skin cancers.
My Pet makes 5 sizes of dog hats - from tiny Chihuahuas to extra-large Rottweilers. 
Our dog hats are Australian made and have a c
omfortable adjustable elastic strap with an easy click-clip under the chin. Hats are washable and come in a large range of colours. Dog hat training tips included on packet. Custom length brims also available (surcharge applies) for dogs requiring extra long brim for medical reasons.
NOTE: Fascinators are NOT washable! 

Contact us for special sizes, needs, styles, or colours not currently shown as being in stock.

New stocks are continually being added....
1. Hats marked with an asterisk (*) after the colour name, means this fabric is available for custom size hats (eg. longer brim)
2. Hats marked with Codes DHB or DHBB means brim is slightly stiffer than hats made in 2016/17.
Hats with plus (+) after the colour means the brim is stiffer than normal (useful for dogs with impaired eyesight.)