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Jack has been visiting again

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Little Jack has been visiting for a few days whilst his family were away. He usually dashes around searching for any small hole that he can fit through and making his rapid escape - usually to visit the dog next door, or his friends across the street.

Last time he scaled fences to squeeze through where the mesh was larger, and somehow flattened himself enough to fit under the gate. It was a full-time job keeping tabs on his hyper activities! This was aside from his digging endeavours - fortunately restricted to one area where he was after .... well, probably frogs or lizards.

However this time things were quite different. 

It is winter and he 'discovered' and fell in love with the heater in the lounge. He spent the entire time sprawled out in front of it except for the necessary trips outside, or to eat or drink. 

He made it quite obvious how much he liked his warm jumper and that he preferred Bindi's old heated bed rather than his own. But I must say, it is fun to spoil a dog again!

Although Jack (below) is quite old, he is extremely lively and loves endless activity. 

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