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Beat the heat

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Once again we are at that time of year when it gets unbearably HOT! I don't know about you, but life without the air-conditioner switched on, is no fun whatsoever!

So imagine what your poor pet has to put up with? They can't take their fur coat off, they just have to find some way to cope.

So please do spare a thought for the comfort of your best friend (who NEVER complains) and make their life more comfortable with a Canine Cool Bed III. We have them in 3 sizes to suit all breeds - and cats too! You just have to add the required amount of water. There are cooling chemicals inside which mix with the water and draw the heat from the dog's body to keep them cool.

From experience, the Cool Bed III should not be placed on (for example) a tiled floor in direct sunlight where the sun heats the floor. This causes the mat to draw the heat from the floor ... cooling in the wrong direction! You can place it on any floor - just NOT in direct sunlight on a floor tiles that get heated by the sun! Ahh.. yes, we all live and learn!


Again a reminder when walking your dog, to be aware of the temperature of the road surface. It really boggles my mind to see people walking their dog on a bitumen road in mid-summer. The bitumen can be hot enough to soften or melt! That's why you sometimes see indentations in the surface from shoe heels! 

The owner is wearing shoes and totally unaware that the dog is walking on a surface hot enough to melt! 

Same goes for concrete. It also gets incredibly hot -- except it doesn't melt. 

Always walk your dog on grass. Or take your shoes off and walk barefoot, for a couple of minutes, on the concrete or bitumen to see how hot it is.


Not in summer PLEASE! Years ago I had an accident (both legs) and couldn't walk. I was stunned to find out how hot it got waiting inside a car - and HOW FAST!  It was a matter of about ONE MINUTE! Even with the windows down and door open it was almost unbearable!